At Polemix, we believe the right conversation can change your life

Our vision

We partner with iconic minds such as Steven Pinker, Peter Singer, Kishore Mahbubani, Shashi Tharoor and Cornel West to give you the ability to not only meet them in a unique way, but also to interact with them in a horizontal way and dive deep into the ideas that interest you.

In the end, opinions are all we have. We are only as interesting as our opinions. We feed them with the best nutrients available, we polish them like crystals. A conversation with these figures can change your life; it can unlock an area of your thinking that you were unaware of. That is our mission: to create the conditions for the unexpected to happen and for that spark to change everything. No one comes out the same after a transformative conversation.

The team

Ian Sielecki


Ex-speechwriter to President Macri
Ex-organizer of debates at New York Times Democracy Forum

Ben Atnipp


Early growth team at UberX
Led team that launched Jump and Uber Freight in Europe

Dani Pilla


Ex-senior manager at Globant
Ex-senior manager at Naranja X

Strategic Co-Founder

Ismaël emelien

Ex-Chief Advisor to President Emmanuel Macron

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Roundtable Video Call Conversation with Cornel West

Roundtable Video Call Cornel West