Our mission

History happens when technology revolutions are harnessed to change behaviors. Today, Web3 is the new frontier, and Polemix will leverage its innovations to change how people connect with the world’s most influential leaders. Instead of just liking a post, you can now own, collect and, ultimately, invest in ideas.

The team

Ian Sielecki


Ex-speechwriter to President Macri
Ex-organizer of debates at New York Times Democracy Forum

Ben Atnipp


Early growth team at UberX
Led team that launched Jump and Uber Freight in Europe

Dani Pilla


Ex-senior manager at Globant
Ex-senior manager at Naranja X

Brian Wong

Head of Leaders & Editor

Founder of Oxford Political Review
TIME magazine contributor

Strategic Co-Founder

Ismaël emelien

Ex-Chief Advisor to President Emmanuel Macron

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