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What am I buying?

Personalized conversations, fit for you

Get one-hour calls to ask and say what’s on your mind.

Small group

Only 5 participants create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere for a real conversation.

Fresh content

No pre-chewed food. The speaker is live with you. You steer the conversation.

No Pulpit

This is not a speech, it's a two-way street. Ask questions, discuss, enrich the conversation.

First class experience

Tailored to you

A pre-meeting ensures the speaker is briefed about your interests and needs - no wasted time on small talk intros.

You won't be alone

During the video call, you'll have a clear agenda and the call will be seamlessly coordinated for you and the other participants.

It doesn't end here

We'll directly follow up to ensure that you got the experience you wanted.

Meet the world’s most influential thinkers

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1st Zoom Call recapApril 2nd, 7pm (GMT-4)
2nd Zoom Call recapJune 29th, 10pm (GMT-5)
1st Zoom Call recapMarch 2nd, 9pm (GMT-4)

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